The passenger’s baggage shall be accepted for carriage at the time of check-in at the airport of departure. An aircraft passenger has the right to carry the baggage within the established allowance for no additional charge. Free baggage allowance including carry-on items is set by the airline carrier.

Dear passengers, it is not recommended to put in your checked baggage:
  • jewelry,
  • monetary notes,
  • documents and securities.
  • fragile, breakable and perishable items.

Each piece of checked baggage must have proper packaging to ensure its safety during transportation and handling.

Baggage having external damage can be accepted for transportation only with the consent of the airline carrier. The existing damage shall be confirmed by the signature of the passenger at baggage check-in.

A piece of packed baggage exceeding two hundred and three centimeters in sum of three dimensions (50*50*103 cm) is oversized and its transportation shall be coordinated with the airline carrier.

The passenger shall pay for carriage of the baggage exceeding the free allowance at the tariff rate set by the airline to the airline’s ticket office.

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