Comfort-DON service

Comfortable rides with Comfort-DON service

Minivan taxies (8-seaters) are an essential transport to get to the airport on time or leave the airport with the entire family, friends and colleagues. Comfort-DON service will take you quickly and without any hassle to your destination.

To ensure efficient transfers, the service has comfortable Hyundai Starex H1 minivans. Every 30 minutes, they leave simultaneously from the opposite directions heading from Train Station Square to the Airport and back. Polite and experienced drivers provide their services on a 24/7 basis.

The route may be a direct one, or it may be corrected and changed to meet each customer’s individual needs. Should you need to pick somebody up on the way, the driver will find the best option without wasting time and no luggage fee charged.

You can book a taxi any way convenient to you: through the company’s website or by contacting the point of departure directly or calling our 24/7 phone numbers +7 (928) 627-27-72, 229-27-72. The operator will quickly take the order and calculate the optimal car delivery time enabling the customer to jump straight into the taxi after leaving the airport.

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