Passenger Rights on Flight Delay

In conformity with Art. 103 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation, a passenger buying an air ticket therewith concludes a contract of air carriage with the airline (carrier), which undertakes to carry the passenger and his/her baggage to the point of destination, providing the passenger with a seat in the aircraft. The terms and conditions of the air carriage contract are laid down in the air ticket.

The airline (carrier) is responsible to the passenger for contravention of the terms and conditions of the air carriage contract (Art. 116 of the Air Code).

The airport is intended for reception and dispatch of aircraft and for fulfilment of a necessary complex of airport services for the fulfilment of air carriage (Art. 40 of the Air Code).

In conformity with the requirements of the Federal Aviation Rules (FAP) “General Rules of Air Carriage of Passengers, Baggage…” approved by Order of the Russian Transport Ministry No. 82 of 28 June 2007, in case of delay, cancellation, rerouting of a flight:

1. The Airline is obliged to inform the passengers of the change in the aircraft timetable by any means available (Item 74 of FAP).

2. The airline is obliged to provide the passengers in the airport with visual and/or acoustic information on the flight delay or cancellation and its reasons (Item 92 of FAP).

3. The airline is obliged to organize, free of charge, the following services for passengers at the points of departure and at intermediate points in case of interruption due to the carrier’s fault as well as in cases of flight delay or cancellation as a consequence of adverse meteorological conditions, for technical and other reasons, or rerouting (Item 99 of FAP):

  • provision of the mother-and-child room for a passenger with a child up to seven years of age;
  • two telephone calls or two electronic mail messages if waiting for the flight departure for more than two hours;
  • supply with refreshment beverages if waiting for the flight departure for more than two hours;
  • supply with hot food if waiting for the flight departure for more than four hours and subsequently every six hours in the daytime and every eight hours in the nighttime;
  • hotel accommodation if waiting for the flight departure for more than eight hours in the daytime and more than six hours in the nighttime;
  • transport from the airport to the hotel and back in the cases when the hotel is provided without an additional pay;
  • organization of baggage storage in a baggage checkroom at the points of departure. 

The fact of contravention of the terms and conditions of the air carriage contract may be certified with a mark of an Airport Administrator in the air ticket.

With questions on the provision of the above services, PASSENGERS should apply to the AIRLINES’ OFFICES.

If the flight is delayed (cancelled), the passenger may apply to the Platov Passenger Sales Agency to resolve the question of possibility to:

  • replace the air ticket with another flight;
  • return the air ticket;
  • acquire a railway ticket.

Platov Airport’s Passenger Sales Agency (air ticket offices) is located in the second floor of the Terminal.

The conditions and procedure of air ticket replacement, return or acquisition are explained to the passenger at the time of application to the air ticket office.

Sanctions for Contravention of the Conditions of an Air Carriage Contract by Airlines

1. The carrier is obliged to pay a fine to the consumer for delay in the delivery of the passenger, baggage or freight to the point of destination in the amount of 25% of the Minimum Amount of Payment for Labor established by federal law for each hour of delay, but not more than 50% of the carriage charge, unless the carrier proves that the delay was a consequence of insuperable force, elimination of malfunction of the aircraft threatening passengers’ lives or health, or other circumstances not depending on the carrier (Art. 120 of the Air Code).

2. The carrier is obliged to satisfy, within the 10 days period, the passenger’s (consumer’s) demands:

  • of compensation for the expenses incurred for elimination of the deficiencies of the service fulfilled by third persons (other air carriers);
  • of dissolution of the carriage contract and repayment of the carriage charge if he has discovered substantial deviations from the conditions of the contract;
  • of compensation of the losses inflicted in connection with the deficiencies of the service rendered (Item 1 Art. 29 Law of the Russian Federation On Protection of Consumer Rights);
  • of compensation for moral harm on account of causing him physical and moral sufferings (Art. 15 Law of the Russian Federation On Protection of Consumer Rights).

Procedure of Consideration of Appeals, Claims and Suits

If the carrier has not taken measures to protect the rights of the passengers of the flights, the consumer must submit a claim (see example at the bottom of the page) within 6 months from the day of ensuing of the event that served as grounds for submitting the claim (Art. 126 of the Air Code).

The Sverdlovsk Oblast Rospotrebnadzor Office recommends passengers to act beforehand collecting the documents confirming the fact of non-provision of obligatory free services as well as causing of property and moral harm inflicted by contravention of the conditions of the contract and the legislative norms established:

  • cash-register and other receipts for provision of communication services, hotel services, travel to the place of location of the hotel, storage services, necessary food, refreshment beverages, etc.;
  • information about the flight’s passengers who could confirm the situation that formed at that moment (surname, name, patronymic, place of residence, ticket number, contact telephone number);
  • photo and video materials confirming the fact of delay and non-provision of obligatory services;
  • communications in mass media;
  • documents confirming the moral harm inflicted (medical certificate, receipts for medicines, etc.).

Suits against the carrier (after the compulsory submission of a claim) may be filed only at the place of location (legal address) of the carrier (Art. 30 p. 3 Code of Civil Procedure of Russia).

Federal Service for Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare in the Rostov Oblast is located at: 17, 18 Line, Rostov-on-Don, 344019, hotline: 8-800-100-74-17

Federal Air Transport Agency is located at: building 2, 37, Leningrad Prospect, Moscow, 125993.

Phone: +7 (499) 231-50-09;
fax: +7 (499) 231-56-56.
24-hour hotline for international charter flights irregularities +7 (499) 231-53-73, e-mail:

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